Law Review

The St. Thomas Law Review approached the Criminal Law Section of The Florida Bar in 2011 with the intent of producing an annual publication dedicated to criminal law topics. Since that time, we have partnered to offer our membership an annual law journal focused on current criminal law topics from an academic viewpoint with practical considerations kept in perspective.  Members of the section are mailed a hard copy of the law review.  

Articles in the St. Thomas Law Review, Criminal Law Summer 2014 Edition:

“The Exorbitance of Collecting DNA from All Arrestees” by Carlos Jordi
“The Admissibility of Weapons not used in the Crime Charged” by Melynda Melear
“How Florida Courts have Defined Field Sobriety Exercises” by Amar V. Patel & Krysten A. Pogue
“Why Does Florida Have Public Defender Elections?” by Zachary Phillips

Below are articles contained in past St Thomas Law Review publications.

Savona Graham vs Florida
Romero Implications Of US vs Jones
Lawson Powerless Against Police Brutality
Hirsch Treason Insanity and the Trial of Ezra Pound